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Framed Invasion

The man with the ravens head invades my mind. A Siamese cat draped over his arms is a feline accessory to complement his careful look. Raven’s glossy wings sweep back in an unseen wind to fly them all somewhere. No … Continue reading

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Unfocused Eye

The meadow comes alive inside my mind Through the view finder, the landscape blurs into shape and color.  The computer screen, my honest companion, shows me the picture I actually took.  My unblind eye is a stubborn thing. Refuses to … Continue reading

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Episode III-Ants on the Blacktop Weeds on the Hill

I can see it was a wise decision on my part to split this article into episodes. It’s long. But I had a mission of illustrating different ways a poet-teacher could use going outside to create images. Let’s face it … Continue reading

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Winding Stream Press

dedicated to promoting the imagination and its place in the growth of the human spirit. As we expand, so will this site.  Imagination doesn’t want to stop expanding outward.  The only block in its path is ourselves.  We can choose … Continue reading

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