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September-A Birthday Month

This month holds my birthday a new grand-daughter’s, a sister-in-law, a daughter-in-law’s mother, my step-mother and my ancient black dog.  I am expected to provide poems and art. This summer brought an unusual gift a ‘grand-daughter’ almost 17 who is … Continue reading

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For Photographers

This could also be entitled, “HELP.”   In the post “By Way of Explanation-CRAO” I gave a poetic rendition of my sight loss in one eye due to, in English, an eye stroke.  This is a straight forward post sharing … Continue reading

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By Way of Explanation – CRAO*

moving in moving out moving in staying Noir moved in first. Never unpacked but liked the left front window and did hang his favorite drapery- black with ruffly edges. He didn’t like the view or the house. Left after just … Continue reading

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Bounded   Boundaries creep up. Unexpected walls grow in rooms. Moving through the house requires walking a twisting labyrinth. Every foot fall necessitates careful planning.   Underfoot a future dog bounces through the rooms.  He’s unconcerned by moving walls and … Continue reading

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Complexity of Completeness

  Strangeness emanates, wafts like the tropical breeze. It makes me wonder if being content and not endlessly seeking some wisp of a life caught on an unreachable cloud will make me bereft of the drive to create. Will I … Continue reading

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Writing to Edward Hopper

The Painted Lady and the Poet at the Nighthawk Café   Once again I sat at the bar long after midnight. Joe sat in his usual seat on my right.  We spoke in mono- syllables too late, too tired for … Continue reading

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U-Turns-A New Life

The shovar translucent in the setting sun calls us in celebration. The shovar blast forms into a living being that coils into the air.  It finds the ocean and pounds in the waves. The trees whistle with the wind of … Continue reading

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A Tribute to the Mothers in My Life

Yellow the color of sunshine and candle light glows today as the celebration color for all the Mothers in our lives. Like the sun Mothers shine warmth through our days and they cover us with love. When candle light flickers … Continue reading

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U-Turn-A Birth Surprise

      April 2002  Dear Zach, It is tradition that I write a poem for each child.  I never control them.  They come at their own pace and in their own way.  Yours has been hiding.  No wonder, it … Continue reading

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U-Turn-A Brother for Quinn

Ian’s Birth I first explored the wonders of ultrasound through pictures taken of my second and third grandchildren while they still inhabited the world of inner space.  The boy, Jeremy, curled up innocently in his black world but over his … Continue reading

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