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Woman on the Wall-Poetry & the Visual Arts

from a collage in soft pastels and pen by Quinn Clarice Mae DeRuiter The Woman on the Wall carries stories hidden behind her closed eyes. Her vibrant red lips sealed shut,   a story speaks in a blue feather. Its … Continue reading

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Under a Black Diamond Sun-Poetry from Art

                                                                                … Continue reading

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The Light before Sunset from the iPhone and the Poet

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Through the Window

  I exercise in front of our west facing windows.  Through one window a pair  of oak trees stand on top of a hill. The trees say I must speak for them. When California burned and smoked the air, I … Continue reading

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An Emu Laying in the Grass

an Emu laying in the grass   Gives his weight to the earth his body lies on the soft green grass of spring it is this complete giving of himself: to the moment, the grass the just born spring that … Continue reading

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Mystery of Cats

  Who can know the mind of a cat? Trying, we watch them. Do their eyes give a clue? Intent, they notice us. Eyes slanted or open wide, do they, witch like, alter reality?   Or are their eyes simply … Continue reading

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Through the Windshield- A Skystudy

Lime Ridge, Walnut Creek iphone 4s skylght a vast bowl clouds a drift of images shifting changing tracking Freeway iphone 4s seasons trapped in time yet freed when the bowl shakes and winter crowds into summer Lime Ridge iphone 6s rain … Continue reading

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Exploring History

Fort Atkinson, Fort Calhoun, NE Prairie grass still thrives here. Mown, its rolls dot the long expanse of green that leads the visitor to the fort.   Long plank walks and ax hewn walls travel away from the eye until … Continue reading

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War Zone -Title experimentation

there’s war in the house                    in the yard battles on the deck debris from skirmishes smothers               the path         inside the … Continue reading

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The Last Maui Inspired Poem

The Hand of God God reached down into the sea and pulled out the sun. Drawing it up into the sky, he shot it eastward to rise again.   But as it began its travels towards dawn, the sun shot … Continue reading

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