About Winding Stream Press

Winding Stream Press explores the journey we all make as we  develop our imaginations. Winding Stream wants to encourage everyone and writers especially to get comfortable with the risk we all take when we release our imaginations and let them explore the world around us.  Helen and I discovered several years ago while looking at my lesson plans for the coming school year that developing the imagination outward and getting comfortable with risk parallels the journey a child makes from childhood to a mature self.  We ended up writing a book together using our two different voices.  You could easily get us confused so when one of us does an entry we’ll sign our names.  (Hopefully we will.  When imagination gets to leaping around it often leads to chaos.)

On these pages we will explore more what that journey means in our lives and hopefully in yours.  I encourage you to grab a journal and if you write or want to write we hope we will inspire you to take pen in hand.

As the site develops, I will be posting articles and ideas for teaching writing in general and poetry in particular in the classroom and at home. We want to thank you for sharing your time with us.

Jan and Helen ( in absentia–She made the mistake of leaving town and me in charge.  Jan)

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