The Last Maui Inspired Poem


The Hand of God

God reached down into the sea

and pulled out the sun.

Drawing it up into the sky,

he shot it eastward to rise again.


But as it began its travels towards dawn,

the sun shot fire into the darkening

sky. Trails of it spread across the sea

gracing the shore with a final goodnight .



The sky reclaimed its own

and filled the clouds with fire

until the whole of it burst,

embers of the night.



God withdrew his hand.

The sea sighed and bid

us slumber. The sun traveled

far from us into other worlds.


We would go there

but our eyes close

as the darkening sea

rocks us until morning


when once again, God

will breathe us into the new day.

Janice DeRuiter Eskridge November 2013

About Winding Stream Press

Janice DeRuiter Eskridge, M.F.A. is a poet who worked for over a decade as a poet-teacher for California Poets in the Schools. Helen Shoemaker, Ph.D. L.M.F.T. is a university professor who teaches in the areas of child development and counseling. She is also a therapist in private practice.
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1 Response to The Last Maui Inspired Poem

  1. this is a very moving poem.


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