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A Poem in Two Parts

FOR L.A.: TWO PAYCHECKS FROM DETROIT   PART 1 Whether we call it encumberment or our magnum opus, For the passionate, the soul has been claimed— tethered so as not to wander too far. Or come too close. The experience is … Continue reading

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Writing to Edward Hopper

The Painted Lady and the Poet at the Nighthawk Café   Once again I sat at the bar long after midnight. Joe sat in his usual seat on my right.  We spoke in mono- syllables too late, too tired for … Continue reading

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Presenting a Lesson on Empathy to Graduate Students

Recently Helen Shoemaker and I were asked to present a poetry lesson from our book, Leaping Off into Space: A Travel Guide to Risk and the Imagination.  The setting was a class on language arts for graduate students in education.  … Continue reading

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