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Pictures as Poem Part II- Two Combined into One

The Dark The Light Two Become One Botanical Space Spiral in to the center of a flower a universe of stamen carpel corolla orbits the stalk male seeks female the calyx cradles it all       petals expand with … Continue reading

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Pictures as Poem-Part I-Alternating Dark and Light

Post Mother’s Day, I recorded the beauty of my gift bouquets with my camera. When I uploaded them to my computer, they transformed and took over several days of creativity. I tried to ignore them, attempted to stop tweaking both … Continue reading

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The Picture as Poem

I have a love affair with the northern Californian coast. I’ve taken many pictures over the years.  But recently I grew tired of simply photographing and tweaking them into gift cards to sell to visitors. Visiting galleries, studying, admiring, I … Continue reading

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A Tribute to the Mothers in My Life

Yellow the color of sunshine and candle light glows today as the celebration color for all the Mothers in our lives. Like the sun Mothers shine warmth through our days and they cover us with love. When candle light flickers … Continue reading

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U-Turn-A Birth Surprise

      April 2002  Dear Zach, It is tradition that I write a poem for each child.  I never control them.  They come at their own pace and in their own way.  Yours has been hiding.  No wonder, it … Continue reading

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ebook available on Amazon

The ebook of Leaping Off into Space: A Travel Guide to Risk and the Imagination  is available on Amazon for $7.99.  If you have Amazon Prime it can be lent to you for free. On the ebook page you can see … Continue reading

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