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New Book is Published

Our book, Leaping Off into Space: A Travel Guide to Risk and the Imagination by Janice DeRuiter and Helen J. Shoemaker is finally available on Amazon. Right now it’s the paperback edition. The Kindle Edition will be out shortly. There is … Continue reading

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Book Watch

At last our book has reached the end of its publishing journey. Sometime this week it will be available on Amazon. First it will appear in paperback. After that will come the Kindle edition. The title is Leaping off into Space: … Continue reading

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U-Turn-A Brother is Born

Central Park This u-turn has been spinning around in my head for weeks. Lately life has a way of creeping into my blogging goals and snagging them on flowery vines. I haven’t tripped but merely found myself breathing the deep … Continue reading

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U-Turns expressed in Word Music-from motorcycle to birth

  As you already know, it was my practice to write a poem for each newborn grandchild. This birth u-turn followed by several years a nearly disastrous u-turn that happened to this child’s father-my middle son. It was a Sunday … Continue reading

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Episode V-Ants on the Blacktop Weeds on the Hill

A poet can usually point to a defining moment when a poem leads the way into a new understanding of what poetry can be.  For me that discovery came in high school when I decided to do a paper on … Continue reading

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Of U-Turns and Ants

I have a really good excuse for my long silence. At the age of 70 I find myself engaged. This u-turn came after having completely given up on love and romance. I always say when I’m wrong I’m really wrong. … Continue reading

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