Winding Stream Press

Is dedicated to promoting the imagination and its place in the growth of the human spirit.

Imagination doesn’t want to stop expanding outward.  The only block in its path is ourselves.  We can choose to suppress those strange thoughts and ideas that pop into our minds or we can let them go wild.

What appears here will surprise me as well as you.

Let the imagining begin…

Waterfall-The Sea Ranch, California
Waterfall-The Sea Ranch, California

5 Responses to Winding Stream Press

  1. jser67 says:

    Have we met?…..perhaps in a past life? Somewhere along the way….IF I posted all the weird thoughts I had….wow- you have guts and talent- unbeatable combination. Thanks for sharing; I’m intrigued.


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    • Thank you, She certainly is a good writer. Disturbing poem to read but very well done. Jan

      *Janice DeRuiter*

      uphill we walk into rarified air here the air thins until all that’s left is breathing and short gasps of blue-green words


  3. Kimiya says:

    Love this Bamma!


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